About Us

The Stephen Lyon Organisation - Who are we?

Who we are:

The Stephen Lyon Organisation is a voluntary organisation working to provide a support service within Kinross and surrounding areas. We specialise in empowering those experiencing suicidal thoughts to take back control of their lives but we also provide support to anyone struggling with any aspects of their life. We also deliver awareness programmes and workshops to young people 14 years plus to raise awareness and help them understand the factors that influence suicidal thoughts and where they should go to for help if they are worried about themselves or someone they know. We also take referrals for support for those 16 years plus from a range of source including self referral. We bring together our expertise, knowledge and skills to achieve change, break down barriers and improve lives. We are led by a skilled and professional board of trustees who are represented by our enthusiastic and passionate team of volunteers and staff.

Our Values:

  • SLO'S staff and volunteers are dynamic and work with purpose in the area of suicidal prevention to help anyone 16years+ that are struggling with any aspect of their life to take back control, improve their quality of life and empower achievement.
  • We challenge prejudice and promote diversity
  • SLO's staff and volunteers adopt a creative and person centred approach in making voluntary and community action effective.
  • SLO's staff and volunteers assist individuals 16years+ that are struggling with any aspect of their life to access professional and specialised services and support.
  • SLO is an independent voice for the voluntary and community sector.
  • SLO's staff and volunteers are friendly and we ensure we make everyone feel welcome, supported and able to gain control.