Our History

The Story Behind The Stephen Lyon Organisation

SLO was set up after the death of Stephen Lyon from suicide in June 2020. Stephen was only 21 years old and had shown no significant signs that he was struggling or having suicidal thoughts. Stephen worked full time, went on outings with his friends and loved watching Marvel movies. Stephen didn't know how much he was loved by everyone from his friends, family and colleagues. Stephen's death was very sudden and he gave no clue to anyone beforehand.

The emotional pain of losing Stephen stimulated his family to set up a foundation in his memory - this being SLO. The organisation became a pedestal for change and awareness led by research into local support and the needs of those affected by suicide. As a result SLO was established to help improve the quality of life for people experiencing suicidal thoughts.

The logo for SLO is a copy of a piece of art completed by Stephen.